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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What makes your private practice unique?
    Answer: AZ Holistic Anxiety Treatment is an organized, comprehensive system of mental wellness. Our providers routinely attend advanced training courses to offer the most innovative care. Our program begins with a 90-minute integrative mental health evaluation. Integrative psychiatry includes a root cause analysis of cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical distress. Clients then choose 30- or 60- minute follow up visits. Each session is customized to individual goals. At the conclusion of each appointment, practitioners furnish clients with a written summary encompassing progress and treatment plans.
  • 2. Do your providers prescribe controlled substances?
    Answer: Yes. A healthcare professional will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the potential benefits and risks of medications like Benzodiazepines, stimulants, and hypnotics for your overall wellbeing. Specific medication prescriptions or refills are not guaranteed. You provider will individually assess your needs and discuss the appropriateness of each medication.
  • 3. Does AZ Holistic Anxiety Treatment take health insurance?
    Answer: Yes. AZ Holistic Anxiety Treatment is pleased to work with several major insurance companies. For out of network coverage, ask your provider if a superbill may be sent to your insurance. We are not credentialed with AHCCCs, Medicare, or Medicaid. We also accept credit and HSA. Contact our office for cash pay prices.
  • 4. Can I use my health insurance for medications and labs prescribed by your office?
    Answer: Yes. Please inform your provider of your preference for insurance or self-pay when ordering labs or prescription medications. If insurance rejects a prescription or lab, please contact your provider. We often have a negotiated cash pay rate for labs and discount codes for medications.
  • 5. Do you offer concierge services?
    Answer: No. We offer personalized psychiatric care services. Similar to concierge practices, clients may contact their provider through text, email, phone call, and patient portal. Unlike some concierge practices, our office does not provide any after hours, weekend, or emergency communication. Clients should expect a maximum of 1-3 business days for response times.

Frequently Asked questions

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